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6/24/2020 8:28:56 AM


IMG announced that Education City Golf Club has joined the IMG Prestige global network of world-class clubs and resorts. IMG Prestige provides a valuable and unique benefit to the members of each participating club, delivering green-fee revenues as well as providing an immediate seal of quality in the marketplace.

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5/23/2020 9:03:25 AM

Pitching like Clockwork

Pitching is one of the toughest skill sets for amateur golfers to become competent in. The most common fault amateurs make when faced with what I call 'scoring' approach shots is deceleration into the ball – especially on any kind of half shot when you are trying to take something off the maximum distance you could hit a particular club. Any time you decelerate you risk making a poor contact and that simply leads to inconsistency.

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5/23/2020 8:55:41 AM

Golf In Qatar: From Sandy Beginnings To World Class Championship Layouts

I’m standing on the first tee at Qatar’s oldest golf club. And when I say ‘tee’, I mean a concrete block on which there is a temporary mat. In front of me, the first fairway stretches out some 400 yards. And when I say ’fairway’ I mean concrete runway strewn with sand and rocks. To hit from the fairway you have to place a portable astroturf mat onto the concrete. At least you’re assured of a decent lie. When I arrive at the ‘green’ I will find a large platform covered in sand. It’s actually called a brown. Welcome to bona fide desert golf – Qatar style.


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5/12/2020 12:56:17 PM

The Secret to a Great Swing

It is safe to say that there is no “right way” to swing a golf club. You can see the evidence in the plethora of different styles and types of swings you see on the PGA tour, let alone your local driving range. But if you had to point out one thing that is shared by the greatest golfers in the world, it would be that they all have good tempo.  

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5/3/2020 11:16:09 AM

Middle East, Service Excellence Award for Education City Golf Club

Education City Golf Club completed its first year of operations with the 2020 European Tour event; The Commercial Bank Qatar Masters, and subsequently is now delighted to announce a Silver Flag Award in Service Excellence Award by 59Club. The Silver Flag Award for Service Excellence is a recognized award that recognizes facilities that deliver the most consistent golf experiences throughout the year.

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