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At Education City Golf Club we provide Pilates sessions for those looking to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. You will start from Body Control Pilates ABC’s (Alignment, Breathing and Core Stability) through a range of basic exercises, leading on to the full repertoire of Body Control Pilates exercises as you progress through the programs

If you are looking to register for a pilates session please use the webform at the bottom of the page to register

We also offer a range of other classes including:

Core Pilates will take you through the Pilates repertoire, you will develop your Pilates technique and skills by means of a balanced, effective, total body workout – with a focus on your core.

Enjoy an up-tempo class designed to help you build endurance, strength, and stability.  It is a flowing, mat based class, incorporating small equipment such as toning circles, stretch band and ball, providing variety keeping you challenged.

This class is designed specifically for golfers, it offers the avid golfer the opportunity to improve their balance, mobility and stability through a range of Body Control Pilates exercises many are specifically designed for golf.   Class sizes are small and aims to help the golfer better understand postural alignment as well as providing an excellent aid to rehabilitation following injury.

A class designed specifically for men using The Body Control Pilates ABC’s to focus and improve posture and balance while mobilising joints.  Class sizes are small to allow focus on body alignment and lengthening whist providing challenging a full body workout.

A class designed for lengthening and mobilising the body through dynamic Stretching, working through and challenging ranges of movement, whist still adhering to Body Control Pilates ABC’s (Alignment, Breathing and Core Stability). A great class to get you ready for your round of golf.

Bring your children along to a Pilates class while you have your Golf lesson, this class is designed for children aged 9-12 years old, willing to move and have fun. Pilates for children is a safe adaptation of the Pilates Method to help improve posture, build strength, motor skills, concentration, while socialising with other children.


Pilates Rates

Session Type Guest Cost (QAR) QF/Partner Cost (QAR) Member Cost (QAR) Description / Details 
5 Class Programme 380 QAR 330 QAR 310 QAR Attending on class per week / minimum of 4pax
8 Class Programme 560 QAR 480 QAR 450 QAR Attending on class per week / minimum of 4pax
12 Class Programme 800 QAR 680 QAR 640 QAR Attending on class per week / minimum of 4pax
16 Class Programme 1000 QAR 850 QAR 800 QAR Attending on class per week / minimum of 4pax
Drop in 10 Class Prog'm 800 QAR 680 QAR 640 QAR Attend any choice of 10 classses
Drop in Single Class 85 QAR      
Personal Training        
Private Mat Work 275 QAR 240 QAR 220 QAR Individual 60minute sessions 
Duo Private Mat Work 325 QAR 280 QAR 260 QAR Two people sharing a private session 60minute session