Education City Golf Club (ECGC) is proud to announce and welcome another new member to their coaching team – Alex Day. As the demand for golf and coaching increases in Doha, ECGC has expanded its team once again with the new addition to keep up with the demand.

Alex first got into golf in his hometown of Lichfield in the UK.  As his passion for the game grew, he went on to represent his county at all levels, and after graduating from Gloucester University in 2001, decided to join the professional team at the Belfry. In 2005 Alex successfully completed his PGA studies achieving distinction grades in golf coaching and swing theory.

Whilst working at the Belfry, Alex gained a depth of   knowledge and understanding from a variety of sources including the European Tours leading coaches.

His first move overseas came in 2010 where he helped develop the first green golf course in Muscat, Oman.  Following this, he managed and established an Academy to create a pathway from the junior programme to the National Squad. After 4 years in the Middle East, he moved to Russia where he supported in the development of another prestigious club and secured the first PGA education pro-gram at Zavidovo PGA National.

More recently Alex was appointed by IMG Golf Services for the development of its Academy at Dreamland Golf Club in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Here he helped set strategic direction for the growth of the game and was successful in coaching Azeri’s into    representing club and country at international amateur tournaments.

Alex firmly believes in offering a holistic approach to his coaching. He has achieved ‘Advanced’ PGA status, is TPI level 2 certified, and continually attends coaching con-ferences to further his knowledge and professional development. He has worked successfully with complete novices through to tour professionals.

“We welcome Alex to our new team at Education City Golf Club and wish him every success in his role. It is fantastic to have an additional PGA qualified professional join the club with his extensive knowledge and experience as we aim to grow the game of golf in Qatar.” said Anthony Caira Head Golf Professional

Top Tips from Alex Day

Q: What is the first thing you tell new golfers?

A: The first points I tend to make are to highlight the benefits of playing golf and why I got the bug. I explain that when working on my own game, I become completely immersed in it – it’s my form meditation and regular exercise. 

In terms of a first lesson for new golfers, I’ll provide a general intro to the game/course and introduce some all-important fundamentals.

Q: How many lessons do you need to take before playing the golf course?

A: This will depend on the individual and how quickly they develop their skills.        However, it’s always my intention to get golfers experiencing course conditions as early as possible, since that’s where we learn best and maximise the enjoyment of the game.

Q: What’s your philosophy of the golf swing?

A: Turning in a circle while loading and releasing levers in a consistent and sustainable way.  First and foremost, I always stress the importance of establishing sound fundamentals. Without these, it is difficult to correctly align forces and produce an efficient swing.  In terms of the movement, I strive to keep the swing as simple as possible and get the most out of a golfer’s physical capabilities. 

Q: What’s your coaching style?

A: I aim to provide golfers a clear understanding of their own swing characteristics and how they can best achieve functional positions repeatedly to ultimately improve im-pact conditions.  Focus is not spent purely on swing mechanics though.  Lesson pro-grams are tailored individually, and a wider perspective is applied to ensure players practice and perform effectively by themselves.

Q: Who was your inspiration growing up?

A: As a young teenager, Seve was a big inspiration to me. He’s considered to have possessed arguably the greatest short game and shot making skills of all time, helping him win Open Championships, Masters, and Ryder Cups.  Whilst always being exciting to watch, Seve also led the re-emergence and success of European golf.

Q: Now you are a performance coach, do you still play golf regularly?

Absolutely! I am always striving to improve my overall game so as to hit more fairways, greens, and make more putts.  I’m very much looking forward meeting new friends at the club and putting my skills to the test around Education City.