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Explore boundless potential with Education City Golf Club's  U.S. Kids Player Pathway. Tailored for aspiring young golfers ages 4 years onwards, this program offers a dynamic journey towards excellence. Under expert guidance, juniors navigate a comprehensive pathway, honing skills, and fostering a love for the game. Join us in sculpting the golf champions of tomorrow with a program designed to nurture talent and ignite passion for golf in a supportive, engaging environment.

Registration Fee: QAR 640.00 per term

Inclusive of 8 lessons (1 hour each), Player Pathway booklet and badges for passing various levels

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To make it fun for players to learn while staying motivated to improve, the Player Pathway provides the perfect program for kids, parents, and coaches. With an easy to follow curriculum combined with awards, players can progress from beginner to elite player!


Achievement Pins
A progressive learning program that provides attainable goals, awards frequently, while furthering development and skills.


A Solid Curriculum

Easy to understand books, with simple and effective methods to teach, learn, and advance.

Learning the game

New golfers learn best when engaged in a program that is clear, fun, easy to learn and rewarding.

These essential elements are provided in the U.S. Kids Golf Player Pathway as a player advances from level to level as their skills improve.


The Player Pathway is a simple to follow curriculum with skills checkpoints to guide development. Each of the 10 Levels include Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge, and Scoring. Award pins provides motivation for success. Special “Star Awards” are included for completing Levels 5 and 10.

2024 Term Schedule

Term 1 (8 weeks)

7 January - 10 February

18 February - 9 March

Term 2 (8 weeks)

10 March - 6 April

21 April - 18 May

Term 3 (4 weeks)

19 May - 15 June

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Terms and Conditions:



  • Payment for term must be received in full by Education City Golf Club 1 week in advance of the intended start date. If payment is not received by this time the reservation may be lost and allocated to another Junior on our waiting list.

  • Education City Golf Club will not accept part payment for any of the Play to Par terms.



  • If a junior leaves the programme part way through term, they are not entitled to a refund.

  • If a junior intends to leave the programme at any time please provide the assigned PGA Golf Professional with an email confirmation.

  • If a junior is unable to attend a scheduled lesson please inform the assigned PGA Golf Professional at your earliest convenience.

  • If a lesson is missed by an individual for personal reasons or other commitments Education City Golf Club is not responsible for reimbursing the parent or providing any “make-up” sessions.

  • If a lesson is canceled by Education City Golf Club a suitable alternative date will be arranged at the nearest convenience for Education City Golf Club and the customer.

  • If a lesson is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances Education City Golf Club will notify the parent as soon as possible to prevent any disruption. 

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